Donating those pies was great, but it wasn’t good enough. The charity bug has bitten TRC and it has burrowed itself deep into our brains, built a nest and laid some eggs. That’s why on February 17th, we participated in Lunch Money Day, a charity event put on by local charity Second Harvest to raise money for hungry families in the city of Toronto.

So what do you do to top a feat like donating 14 pumpkin pies? Why lock yourself in a gigantic paper lunch bag of course, hello?

Check out how we did, and to see our broadcast television debut!

The Loudest High Five

In celebration of National High Five Day, Sam and Craig attempt to produce the loudest possible sound from a high five.

The Most Pies Donated to a Mission

Sam and Craig team up to bake and donate the most homemade pumpkin pies to the Good Shepherd Centre in downtown Toronto.